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Use our Dell Bios master password generator to unlock your Dell Laptop.

The quick and easy way to unlock Bios and HDD in any Dell Laptop is by using our free Dell master password generator, and here you can generate Dell Bios master password for 15 types of Bios password requests and 13 types of Dell Hard drive passwords requests shown by all Dell laptop models.

How to find out what kind of Dell BIOS or HDD master password you need?

Step 1. Turn on your Dell Laptop and take notes of the password request, messages and codes given.

Step 2. If no code is shown, Enter 3 wrong passwords in order to force the Laptop into showing some code.

Step 3. Note that the code shown on your laptop screen is what we use to calculate your Dell Bios master password

All Bios & Hard Drive Passwords are sent by e-mail in 5 minutes or the most in 2 hours.

Use our top free Dell Bios Master password generator to unlock your Dell Laptop.

What Dell Laptop models can be unlocked?

We can supply Bios and hard drive master passwords to unlock or reset Dell:









G series.

Studio, & Wyse.

What Types of Dell Bios & HDD Password Errors and messages can be unlocked?

How to Unlock Dell Bios Password

We can help you unlock or reset Bios passwords on Dell laptop showing:

  • System Disable.

  • Unlock key hint number.

  • Password unlock Key

  • service tag.

  • PPID.

  • System Disabled.

  • System or Administrator password with service tag ending in
    8FC8, E7A8, 1F5A, BF97, 6FF1, 1F66, 1D3B.

  • Primary or Administrator password with service tag ending in:
    3A5B, 595B, 2A7B, D35B, A95B.

  • We can provide Hard Drive master passwords for Dell laptop showing:

  • HDD Password error code.

  • Hard-drive S/N.

  • Hard Drive password for serial number ending in: 8FC8, E7A8, 1F5A, BF97, 6FF1, 1F66, 1D3B, 3A5B, 595B, 2A7B, D35B, A95B.

    I got my Dell Bios master password, now how do i unlock my Dell Laptop?

    If you have obtained the Dell BIOS master password from us, you can use it to unlock your Dell laptop by following these steps to test it:

    1. Turn on your Dell laptop pressing the F2 key on restart.

    2. Type the Dell Bios master password we sent you.

    3. Press the Enter key.

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